deer in headlights

On Friday, I arrived at the plot to discover my beautiful swiss chard that was nearly ready to pick was gone.  All of it…

dinner for deer

I was really quite surprised because I hadn’t seen any deer and just didn’t even consider deer coming close to the city.  We have a 4 1/2 ft. fence around the community garden but it clearly won’t keep deer out!  As far as I could tell, my swiss chard was quite filling because I didn’t find much else disturbed.

On the bright side, I picked my first kohlrabi of the season!  And I put a few more things in: bodacious sweet corn, crock neck squash, sweet banana pepper, habanero, cayenne hot, hungarian wax hot, marigolds and zinnias.

plot 6/2/10 (notice the beautiful swiss chard on the left)

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singing in the rain

Well, it’s not raining right now but, it has been the past few days and I have a full rain barrel.  I got my rain barrel last year from rainbrothers right here in Columbus.

rain barrel with abbey checking out connections

I have it sitting in the corner of my garden on a stack of cinder blocks that I had lying around in my garage. It sits about 1 foot off the ground.  This serves me well because I mostly pull water into a watering can and use it to water my annual flowers.  I also have my barrel set up so the overflow goes out the side of the barrel and into a flower garden.  I still have my original downspout hanging out.  I was considering a diverter to flush the overflow but it has worked just fine going into my garden.  Last winter, I disconnected the barrel and instead of connecting it to the downspout I put up an extension that sent it further into the garden until spring arrived.

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plant exchange

A friend showed up on my doorstep with a huge pot of cornflowers.  Cornflowers or bachelor buttons are usually grown from seed and are annuals but they may drop seeds to germinate next year. We are taking a short cut here and we’ll see how it works out…

transplant cornflowers

Worst case I think we can get them to reseed themselves.  And bonus, I think I might have also received a short iris in the pot!

I also dropped off the last of the extra veggie plants I had started and got to visit another friend’s garden.  They recently build a little fence around their vegetable garden out of reclaimed wood pallets and constructed a wood deck path to separate the herbs from the veggies.  I left with a few starter herbs such white sage, mint, chamomile and oregano.

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at the plot picking and planting

On thursday, I picked my first radishes.  Yippee!!!  Now that’s some motivation.

first radishes

Earlier in the week I had been working hard to get the rest of my little babies in.  I planted… artichokes; burgundy okra; zucchini; lemon cucumbers; plum tomatoes: opalka, black, speckled roman; cherry tomatoes: black, sungold, yellow pear, riesentraube; tomatoes tomatoes: cherokee purple, brandywine, cosmonaut volkov; tomatillos: dr. wyche’s yellow, de milpa, grande rio verde, husk cherry; eggplant: casper, rosa bianca, ping tung long; peppers: blushing beauty, sunshine, black hungarian.

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one raised bed built

This week, I finished one of my raised beds.  It is 4′ x 6′ and 16″ tall.  I had left 9 1/2″ posts on all four corners which was over-kill for anchoring them in the ground.  I probably could just set it on top of the ground and it would be fine.

raised bed #1

Once I got it in place, I added a mix of top soil that was sandy, manure/ compost and peat moss. This box was planted with 4 tomatoes: peacevine cherry, black krim, old german and cosmonaut volkov; 5 peppers: sunbright, napoleon, garden sunshine, purple beauty and jalapeno; 2 tomatillos: toma verde; basil: sweet and genovese

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raised beds

I’m working on constructing some raised beds for my home garden.  When I first moved into my home I dug up a large patch toward the back of yard and planted some veggies. What I failed to notice was that this whole area was pretty much shaded all day long except for a few hours in the late afternoon. So those sun-loving vegetables I planted didn’t produce much.  This time around I’m doing some raised beds in the small part of my yard that receives pretty much full sunlight.  The biggest challenge so far is keeping my garden helper out of the way!

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more planting and thinning

Last weekend on May 16th I got into the plot and thinned my beets, radishes, carrots and lettuce.  I planted some purple kohlrabi plants.  And I did a second planting of seeds including: Chioggia and tall top wonder beets, early white Vienna kohlrabi, sparkler and easter egg radish and chantenay carrots.  The challenging question at this time of year is, am I too early or late.

plot 5/7/10

Last weekend, I probably could have planted my corn and tomatoes but I waited because I wanted to make sure the air and soil temps were a little higher to give them a good start.  If you don’t monitor your own soil conditions, The BYGL newsletter has some general information on weather and growing conditions in Ohio.  As the week has gone on we have seen rain, rain and more rain.  It’ll probably be a few days before everything dries out and I can get something else in!

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