farm tour

I went on a farm tour last week at Seeds of Hope Farm.  Located on the St. Francis campus in Tiffin, OH, this small-diversified farm produces vegetables, herbs, flowers, poultry and eggs.  They work very hard to use sustainable farming methods.  On the tour we explored the greenhouses, pasture, compost pile, raised beds, tool barn and CSA pickup.  They also shared and demonstrated some of their most useful tools such as their planter and picker tools, various hoes, and raised bed materials.  After the informative tour they provided a delicious lunch sourced from the farm including pulled chicken, quiche, salad greens, zucchini crisp and carrot cake.  This tour was part of the 2010 Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series sponsored by Innovative Farmers of Ohio (IFO), Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA), and The Ohio State University Sustainable Agriculture Team. You can find a complete listing at OEFFA website.

seeds of hope farm

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