kohlrabi in the raw

My kohlrabi has been doing great!  Kohlrabi is part of cabbage family and it grows above ground.  Some describe the taste as a broccoli stem or cabbage heart – but I think jicama and mild radish.  Kohlrabi should be harvested when the stems are two to three inches in diameter.  The leaves can also be harvested and cooked.  On most varieties, the larger bulbs can get a little tough and woody.


When this happens, you might find the top part of the bulb still tender.  I had a few that grew large, like the one pictured.  One had a fibrous taste while the others were great.  The most common varieties in my area are: early white and purple vienna and grand duke.  Those are what I am growing.  There are many other varieties out there including: korist, kolibri, purple/white danube, express forcer, kolpak, to name a few.  And there are some giant varieties that grow large without becoming fibrous including superschmelz and kossak.

Many people ask me how to cook it.  I say, don’t – eat it raw.  It is so delicious raw.  I just peel off the tough outer skin, chunk it up and eat it.  I love it with roasted red pepper dip.  My dad sprinkles lemon pepper on his.  I also shred it in my salads.  I think it would be delish topped with some type of vinaigrette or shredded to make a little kohlrabi slaw.

To be fair, I have never tried to cook it.  Some day I will try to sauté kohlrabi and maybe add a little garlic, onion and herbs. Or I might try to roast it or boil it. But really… I just like it raw!

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