singing in the rain

Well, it’s not raining right now but, it has been the past few days and I have a full rain barrel.  I got my rain barrel last year from rainbrothers right here in Columbus.

rain barrel with abbey checking out connections

I have it sitting in the corner of my garden on a stack of cinder blocks that I had lying around in my garage. It sits about 1 foot off the ground.  This serves me well because I mostly pull water into a watering can and use it to water my annual flowers.  I also have my barrel set up so the overflow goes out the side of the barrel and into a flower garden.  I still have my original downspout hanging out.  I was considering a diverter to flush the overflow but it has worked just fine going into my garden.  Last winter, I disconnected the barrel and instead of connecting it to the downspout I put up an extension that sent it further into the garden until spring arrived.

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