more planting and thinning

Last weekend on May 16th I got into the plot and thinned my beets, radishes, carrots and lettuce.  I planted some purple kohlrabi plants.  And I did a second planting of seeds including: Chioggia and tall top wonder beets, early white Vienna kohlrabi, sparkler and easter egg radish and chantenay carrots.  The challenging question at this time of year is, am I too early or late.

plot 5/7/10

Last weekend, I probably could have planted my corn and tomatoes but I waited because I wanted to make sure the air and soil temps were a little higher to give them a good start.  If you don’t monitor your own soil conditions, The BYGL newsletter has some general information on weather and growing conditions in Ohio.  As the week has gone on we have seen rain, rain and more rain.  It’ll probably be a few days before everything dries out and I can get something else in!

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