community garden plot update

my community garden plot

The community garden I have a plot in opened for the season on April 17th.  This is my first year gardening here and it is actually everyone’s first spring to fall season.  The garden’s first year had a short run opening in August 2009.  There are just over 60 plots that are a mix of quarter, half and full plots.  I have a full plot that is approximately 36’ X 10’.  Some folks were able to put stuff in the ground right away while some are waiting for the official frost/freeze date to pass.  I started marking out my plot on April 24th and put in kohlrabi and onions.  The next week I put in the following seeds: golden and detroit dark red beets, cherry bell and sparkler radish, royal chantenay carrots, mesclun and butter crunch.  And the following plants: cauliflower, broccoli, golden acre and early dutch flat cabbage, and rainbow swiss chard.

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