traveling and plants

I’ve traveled a few times in the past couple of months, which is a little bit of a challenge for starting seeds and tending to young plants.  I started some of my seeds with a self-watering mat underneath.  By the second week when I was gone those little babies had germinated and just needed to hang out under the grow light. With a timer on the grow light and water in the tray they were fine and ready to transplant when I returned.  The next time I was traveling I had just started to harden off some of my plants.  We had a warm April and everything in the garden seems just a little ahead of schedule.  But in Columbus, Ohio the temperature at night can still dip below 50°F.  And of course there was still a possibility of frost.  To check your freeze/frost probability in the US you can go to the National Climatic Data Center.  So I decided to put the little ones in the sink with some wet towels below so that the plants could wick up any water that they needed. I lost some of the little celosis that was still small but everything seemed to work out ok.

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